Announcing my new record: Every Single Sin

After two years in the making it is time to unveil my new collection of songs – Every Single Sin. The record is loosely based on the idea of the cardinal sins applied to the life of a gay man… me! Songs of lust, shame, greed and pride attempt to explore the negatives and positives in a life of ‘sin’.

Performed, recorded and mixed entirely in my home I explored the use of synths, guitars, vintage electronic drums and as many different keyboard sounds as I could. The songs are (for the most part) fun and sexy but throw in a bit of heartbreak, typical singer/songwriter fodder and a good dose of camp and you have ‘Every Single Sin’!

I couldn’t have done it all alone, however. Tara C Taylor (my old friend and performance partner) leant some amazing vocals to a few tracks as well as shares a duet on ‘Leather & Love’ our tribute to the fabulous Folsom street fair. Stephen Emery (local guitar legend!) plays some bad ass solos on here, including some Neil Young inspired idiosyncratic work on ‘Sucha Shame’. Finally, the incredible Samantha Mack does a dirty duet with me on an epic dance song called ’til Lust do us part’.

A fun photoshoot (inspired by Meat Loaf and Lady Gaga) with my pal Jonathan Dempsy brings some imagery into the mix.

Feb 9th the record will be available for purchase (digital & CD through and available to download or stream on all major digital retailers.


Sucha Shame
Alex has it
Til Lust do us Part
Gold & Grey
Leather & Love
Where the Wild boys are
Be Patient

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