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Venue/Event Setlist Review Photos
Sept 24th / 14 The Backstage Lounge w/ Vicky Sjohall  
Aug 16th/14 The Comox (w/ Mike Tarves, Kacie Wallace, Jordan Esau & Laura Reznek)
Aug 3rd/14 Vancouver Pride (Sunset Beach Mainstage)
July 6th/14 Surrey Pride (Holland Park, Surrey)
June 25th/14 Make Music Vancouver (Gastown)
Jan 4th/14 Kozmik Zoo (w/ Tara C Taylor & Laura Reznek)
Nov 2nd/13 Kozmik Zoo (Bday show w/ Tara C Taylor, Jenn Buchanan & Psychic Jaguar)
Aug 17th/13 New Westminster Pride - Solo
July 7th/13 Surrey Pride, Holland Park - Solo
July 4th/13 Kozmik Zoo (w/ Laura Reznek & Cassandra Bangel)
April 10th/13 Backstage Lounge (w/ Vicky Sjohall)
Nov 7th/12 Big (drunken) Birthday Show - Backstage Lounge (w/ Pedwell & Laura Reznek)
Sept 12th/12 The Backstage Lounge (w/ Mike Weterings)
Sept 8th/12 West End Festival (Davie Days Burrard mainstage)
August 5th/12 Vancouver Pride, Sunset Beach English Bay
July 31st/12 Matthew's Pride Extravaganza - Backstage Lounge
July 18th/12 Backstage Lounge - Acoustic Show
July 8th/12 Surrey Pride, Holland Park
July 6th/12 Papparazzi Nightclub, Victoria BC
June 6th/12 The Backstage Lounge (w/ Vicky Sjohall, Mike Weterings and Cory Friesenhan)
May 5th/12 Spot Prawn Festival, Granville Island (w/ 4U and solo)
April 18th/12 The Backstage Lounge (w/ Mike Weterings & Bumpin' Uglies)
March 14th/12 Radio Bandcouver (Live radio broadcast 102.7 w/ Christopher Doucet)
Feb 15th/12 The Backstage Lounge (w/ Mike Weterings & Laura Reznek)
Nov 28th/11 The Backstage Lounge (w/ Mike Weterings & Conner & Dan)
Nov 8th/11 Big (drunken) birthday show - Backstage Lounge
Aug 20th/11 PAL Theatre - w/ Tara C Taylor
Aug 13th/11 Royal City Pride (New Westminster) - Mainstage
July 31st/11 Vancouver Pride 2011 - Mainstage
July 30th/11 Outgames Closing Ceremony 2011 - Mainstage (w/ Dragonette & Ace of Base)
July 28th/11 Jlounge - w/ Jeff Straker & Norine Braun
July 5th/11 Concerts in the park - Tsawwassen - Diefenbaker Park (7pm)
June 22nd/11 Oasis Ultra Lounge - Matthew solo w/ Tara C Taylor & Olivia Duck